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Non qualified mortgage

When you apply for a mortgage with a traditional lender, it’s common to run into problems that only serve to delay the application process and eventually cause your application to be denied. Even if you have a great credit score and a long credit history, your application may be immediately denied if you’re self-employed. Those situations that may cause a lender to deny an application in an instant shouldn’t always factor into whether you should be able to buy a home.

If you don’t have weekly or monthly paychecks to prove your income, a traditional lender would likely ask you to provide extensive bank statements, tax returns, and many other documents before they give any indication that they will approve or deny your loan. This only serves to waste your time, which we don’t want to do. Call today if you have any questions about your ability to qualify for one of our non-qm loans.

Non qualified mortgage

At Non-QM Home Loans, we strive to make the process of obtaining a mortgage as simple as possible. In fact, it can be completed in as little as four steps. The first of these steps involves deciding what amount you can afford when buying a home. There are several factors to take into account when making this decision.

For instance, it’s important to identify what monthly payment you can afford and the maximum amount of money you would like to borrow from your lender. We have a mortgage calculator on our website that should guide your decision-making process. When you first contact us, we can identify the amount you’ll be able to afford after a short conversation.

The second step is to pre-qualify for a loan, which is a straightforward process that requires you to input information about your residential history, current job, and total assets. At this time, we will check your credit score and history, which will allow us to give you a pre-qualification letter. This letter makes it easier for you to buy a home and tells you how much you are approved for.

The third step in this process occurs when you apply for your loan, which can be done on our website. Once you’ve sent in your application, we will continue the process by requesting an appraisal of the home you’re looking to buy. The fourth and final step is the funding of your loan, which means that you’re ready to move into your new home. Apply today to get started on moving into your dream home!

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While the task of simultaneously selling two homes and buying another was daunting, at best, the team made it all seem easy. They not only accomplished several major goals, they performed with professionalism and an expertise that was "jumbo!" We are extremely grateful they had our backs.

Walter Armstrong Sell & Buy Home

I wanted to let you know how much the homeowner at our recent closing raved about the process your sales people provided. I feel fortunate that we found them and that they have been such an asset to many of my clients.

Robert Shaver Servicing